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About Our Family

Our family consists of
* Annette, a former homeschooling mother of six who now navigates single motherhood while working as an educator in a Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool program. She also enjoys performing in local musicals and operas, helping out with light design and running the light board in local productions, and singing as a soprano section leader in a local choir.
* Michael, a teenager at a performing arts high school who excels at playing the cello and is involved in several pre-professional ensembles. He's taking several AP courses and is active in several social justice causes.
* Katie Grace, also a teenager at a performing arts high school, where she is a vocal arts major. Additional, she is involved in an excellent touring choir and is active in the school's feminist student union.
* Nicholas, who is at the same performing arts school as a middle school student, where he is also a vocal arts major, although he has shown interest in transferring to the theater technology department and studying to be a sound engineer. He is involved in a local boys' choir and also enjoys gaming.
* Daniel. an elementary school student with an avid interest in performing. Daniel has performed in four operas already as a supernumerary and is looking forward to spending more time on stage. He is in the same boys' choir as his brother and is a Pokemon enthusiast.
* Matthew, one half of a pair of twins, has enjoyed his second year of preschool. Some of his favorite activities are building with blocks, coloring and crafting, and playing with his "baby" sister.
* Molly, the other half of the Twinkie duo, is also enjoying preschool. She loves to draws and keeps asking when she can sing and dance and act on stage like her older siblings.




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